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naked athletes sport calendar 2018 Pin It
Photo courtesy Dominika Cuda

The 2018 Sport Calendar isn’t just full of inspirational images—of naked athletes (!)—that’ll help keep you healthy for next 12 months, but also planner pages where you can track your wellness progress, Women’s Health reports.

The 2018 Sport Calendar’s pages are designed to help fit champs keep track of their workouts, without having to buy a separate planner or journal to schlep to the gym

Featuring a mix of workout warriors including boxers, basketball players, CrossFit pros, and various Olympians, all posed artistically in the buff, this calendar is a treat for your eyes and your philanthropic spirit alike, as all 18 athletes stripped down for a cause. Each calendar purchase ensures a donation to the One Year Fund, an organization that “supports young athletes,” according to its website. “We reach out to the best and brightest, help them stay on their chosen path, and motivate them in achieving their goals,” the photographer behind the Sport Calendar told the Daily Mail.

Available in separate men’s and women’s editions, the 2018 Sport Calendar’s pages are designed to help fit champs keep track of their workouts, without the need to schlep a separate planner or journal to the gym.

Although the calendars are being on sold in stores in Poland, you can still buy one online for around $36. Because when it comes to keeping your planner organized and updated, some jaw-dropping nudity sure doesn’t hurt. (Just me? Didn’t think so!)

Now that you have your 2018 calendar picked out, here’s how to have an incredible year—plus, here’s a whole month’s worth of fresh recipes.