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The genius barre3 fitness method created by Sadie Lincoln combines barre, yoga, and Pilates to give you the strength of an athlete and the long, lean muscles of a dancer. (It works—we know first-hand.)

Now the celeb trainer has debuted a body transforming method that marries barre3 online workouts with an energy-boosting, fat-busting meal plan—to give you killer results in just a month. (Well, 28 days.)

For 28 to Great, you’ll follow a meal plan (of easy, delicious recipes like morning muesli and baked lemony chicken with quinoa salad), created by functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama.

And every day you’ll stream a barre3 workout on your computer. Barre3 has 10, 30, 40, and 60-minute classes that target different parts of the body.

Says fitness fanatic, Fiauna Lund, “I’ve tried just about everything from water aerobics to CrossFit. Despite all of this, I’ve never been satisfied with the size and shape of my legs—until now! A few months ago, I found barre3. I’ve been doing a workout a day for a month now and feel stronger, tighter, and more graceful than ever before.”

You’ll also receive a barre3 core ball, nutrition guide, and wristband, plus email newsletters with tips and motivation. Thousands of barre3 clients have participated in 28 to Great. Now it’s your turn!

Sign up for the $28 program now!