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3 healthier Halloween candy ideas

Halloween can be a hellish day for parents trying to raise healthy children (and for getting them to sleep on a sugar-high).

And while trick-or-treaters and tiny party attendees will probably throw a tantrum if you give out super-healthy organic dark chocolates like Nibmor or Gnosis (save those for you), there are sweet alternatives to mini Snickers bars available.

Here are three healthier Halloween treats that kids will actually eat:

1. Forbidden Fruit Chocolate-Covered Clementine Jack-O-Lanterns
This new West Village shop stocks all kinds of fresh fruit—covered in chocolate. For Halloween, they’re selling the most adorable little jack-o-lanterns ever (see photo), made by dipping a fresh clementine in your choice of milk or dark chocolate—so kids will get an immune-boosting dose of vitamin C for cold and flu season. $4.50,

2. One Lucky Duck Halloween Macaroons
One Lucky Duck’s chocolate and blonde macaroons are super virtuous—raw, vegan, and organic. But the coconut, agave, and vanilla make them apt to satisfy any sweet tooth, young or old. $1.25,

3. Unreal Chocolate Candy Shell Peanuts
Kids will think these are Peanut M&Ms, which they pretty much are, but with a much cleaner ingredient list. No corn syrup, artificial ingredients, preservatives, or GMOS—and slightly fewer grams of sugar to contribute to hyperactivity. Prices and locations vary, visit for more info.