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By Dr. Natasha Turner for

Many of us who have struggled with weight over the years were thrilled when all those low-fat and fat-free food products hit the market.

But the low-fat era only resulted in the fattening of North America.

Although these products were indeed lower in fat, the fats were simply replaced with sugar to make them taste better. (The exceptions to this general rule are low-fat cheeses and milk, but non-fat yogurt, unless it is Fage, is still one to steer away from.)

We now know that fats—healthy fats—are needed for fat loss.

They help us feel full and satisfied because of their effects on our appetite-controlling hormones, leptin and CCK. They prevent cravings and actually help us to lose weight when we consume them in the right forms and amounts.

Very convincing evidence of this comes from a team of scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine. Their research showed that old fat stored around the belly, thighs or butt cannot be burned off effectively unless we have new fat coming in from our diet or our liver.

The findings, published in the May 2005 edition of Cell Metabolism, revealed that knocking out the fat-producing enzyme from the liver of mice (i.e., making them unable to produce fats necessary to maintain normal sugar, fat and cholesterol metabolism) caused the mice to develop fatty liver disease, even when they were fed a zero-fat diet!

Keep reading for three fat-rich foods your diet should not be without.

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