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3 healthy gifts for Valentine’s Day that we heart

MOMA Brooklyn Cruiser
The MOMA Brooklyn Cruiser

Trust us, your significant other does not like carnations.

So if you will be buying a gift to bestow on a special someone on this slightly forced holiday—that’s also a fun excuse to celebrate love in all of its wonderfulness (yay!)—why not get them something really awesome?

We found three intriguing, thoughtful gifts that say “I heart you” way better than a box of Russell Stover chocolate.

Love Notes1. MOMA Exclusive Brooklyn Cruiser

The fun, stylish bike brand Brooklyn Cruiser partnered with the MOMA Design Store to create this adorable cruiser build for city riding. It’s already the color of love, so you won’t even have to buy a red bow. $580,

2. Erica Sara Designs Love Note

These simple charm necklaces, by New York designer Erica Sara, are super pretty and completely customizable. You send in your love note, and she etches it into the charm, so your significant other can wear it proudly. They’re available in sterling silver or gold fill and can have writing on one or both sides. $54–$138,

3. One Lucky Duck Valentine’s Sweet Gift Box

Instead of a box full of gross milk chocolates full of maple cream, give this box full of organic, vegan, gluten-free cookies, brownies, and chocolates. Those adjectives seem anathema to sweets, we know, but they’re actually really, really delicious. And they come wrapped in a pretty box full of pink and red tissue paper. $84,