3 local teas you should try

New York's healthy entrepreneurs have been brewing up some delicious, nutritious blends for you to sip on.

Tea is having a moment in New York, with the opening of two Le Palais de Thés boutiques in the past few months. But the city’s newest brewed blends aren’t all flown in from France.

New York’s healthy entrepreneurs have been brewing up some delicious, nutritious blends for you to sip on this year. It’s good timing–you’ll need more than just fuzzy socks and blankets to stay warm this week.

Here are three new homegrown teas to try:

1. Prince Teas
Brother-sister team Princ and Tina Bhojwani (based in the Village) wanted to harness the incredible health benefits of turmeric, so they blended it with sencha (green tea) for powerful healing in every bag. Green tea is known for its strong antioxidants, and turmeric has been shown to fight inflammation, guarding against diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s and skin problems like acne and psoriasis. Plus, the organic tea is flavorful and comes in a tin full of pretty sachets. It’s currently only available online. www.princeteas.com

2. Jivamukti Tea
The iconic Union Square yoga studio serves up delicious vegan fare (and philosophy) in its adjoining cafe, and it also makes its own tea blends, using organic leaves and herbs. Its teas come in flavors that will shake up your palate, like organic coconut green tea and chocolate rose. You can stop in after class for a steaming cup, or purchase them loose in beautiful lanky stainless-steel-esque canisters, or in bags, on the website. www.jivamuktiyoga.com

tea3. Plan Teas
Brooklyn-based husband and wife Claire Scheinbaum Ridings and Alex Ridings set out to rethink bottled iced teas, which tend to be processed and sugary. They use just a drop of organic honey to sweeten, so the teas have less than half the calories and sugar than competitors. (i.e. Honeydrop Peach: 100 calories, 25 g of sugar, Plan White Tea: 36, calories, 10g of sugar.) Plan Tea is also made from whole, organic tea leaves that are carefully sourced from a single state in India—and you can taste the fresh-brewed flavor. www.drinkplantea.com —Lisa Elaine Held

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