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JBL headphonesThere’s really nothing more frustrating than getting yourself all psyched up and geared out for a run, with the perfect playlist set to keep your perfect pace, only to spend the entire five miles putting your earbuds back in your ears over and over again.

Thankfully, advances in technology and innovation have led to a crop of made-for-movement headphones that can save you from that very scenario this season.

We ran around town (while rocking out, of course) to bring you these three tested, no-slip headphones for fall running. Just don’t forget to listen for bike bells and car horns, too. —Lisa Elaine Held

(Photo: JBL)


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JBL headphones 2JBL Synchros Relfect BT, $99.95

Yes, these are a pricey pair of headphones. But they’re also, by far, the most comfortable, stay-put earbuds I’ve ever tried. The speaker buds are encased in ergonomic shells (which come in three sizes) made of a soft, gummy material. They fit perfectly in your ear and don’t budge during sprints or long distances, and they’ve got other workout-friendly features like a clip that holds the cord to your shirt for less swinging, an extender to make the cord longer if you need it (if you’re not using the Bluetooth feature), and bright reflective colors so people will see you in the dark evenings and early mornings of fall and winter.

(Photo: JBL)


Skullcandy_Earphone_CHOPSINEAR_S4CHGY-411_11_1000_HeroSkullcandy Chops In-Ear, $44.95

The fashion-forward headphone purveyor makes this model for workout fanatics, with hooks that sit behind your ears, holding the buds in place. They are also made with fully sealed construction to protect the technology from your sweat and come with awesome sound quality, especially for the price. Bonus: A swivel hinge allows you to swing the bud out from your ear without taking them off when you need to hear what’s going on around you. (Like your parents cheering on the sidelines, maybe?)

(Photo: Skullcandy)


Normal blueNormal Earphones, $199

Just like your feet or your nose, your ears are a unique shape, which makes finding buds that actually fit them nearly impossible. Normal solves this problem by using 3D printing to craft personalized headphones made to fit your ears only, either via the app, which coaches you on how to photograph your ears (yes, really) or in person at its “factory” store in Chelsea, New York City. They look sort of space-agey and aren’t as cushiony as other options, and the price point is premium, but they really do fit like a…glove? And you won’t have to worry about your boyfriend borrowing them for his sweaty runs.

(Photo: Normal)


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