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3 super-green, healthy New York businesses

gustorganics organic healthy restaurant in New York

Everyone gets their eco on for Earth Day, but some healthy New York businesses go above and beyond for Mother Earth year-round. These green superstars are energy-efficient, religious about recycling, and haven’t seen a plastic water bottle in years.

Here are three wellness businesses that seriously support sustainability in big ways:

1. Moksha Yoga. “Live Green” is one of the 7 pillars of this Canadian hot-yoga brand’s philosophy, and all of its studios around the world implement eco elements. The New York studio was built with reclaimed materials, including a sustainable cork studio floor. The owners use natural cleaning products, energy-efficient washers and dryers, and filtered faucets. And they teach their yogi students how to reduce their environmental footprint via resources and tips on the website.

2. Gustorganics. This all-organic dining fave is one of the only restaurants in New York City to be certified with four stars from the Green Restaurant Association. It was built with recycled wood, menus are all recycled paper and cardboard (printed with soy ink), and takeout containers are biodegradable. Gustorganics uses wind energy and solar lighting, and cleans with biodegradable products. Even the servers’ uniforms and the flowers on the table are organic. And, of course, by only sourcing organic, the restaurant also supports more sustainable farming practices.

3. Brooklyn Strength. This cozy studio in Brooklyn Heights, where Girls’ star Jemima Kirke gets fit, is principled about sustainability, thanks to its founder Cadence Dubus. It also has cork floors, and you’ll find clean air thanks to VOC-free paint and the absence of all gas-emitting plastic, rubber, and vinyl. Dubus also uses green cleaning products, recycled paper products, and energy-efficient lighting. Oh, and we lied about the water bottles in the intro. This studio does sell them…but they’re biodegradable. —Lisa Elaine Held