3 things you absolutely need in your festival beauty bag

Outdoor concerts, yoga festivals, and even picnics in the park require a few staples to protect your skin from the dirt, bugs, and burns awaiting you.
Festivals, outdoor concerts, and camping can wreak havoc on your skin.


You’ve got everything you need to rock out at Jones Beach (concert tee!), to picnic in Prospect Park (Sancerre!), and to turn your tent into an almost-urban oasis while camping at Wanderlust Vermont (or any other festival you’re hitting this summer)—but don’t forget about your skin, which will be exposed to all kinds of crazy outdoor elements.

Here are three must-pack items to have in your festival beauty bag:

natural bug spray1. Bug spray. Itchy red welts are the last thing you need as you try to focus and balance in side-crow pose or enjoy the New York Philharmonic in Prospect Park. But leave the DEET at home. Skincando’s brand-new chemical-free Combat-Ready Bug Repellant keeps the bugs at bay with essential oils like citronella, lemon, and tea tree. We tested it on a recent camping trip in upstate New York, and the only creature it didn’t keep away was…a bear.

2. Skin cleansing wipes. After a day in the sun, your face is bound to be caked with sweat, dirt, and sunscreen. Use these to wash off when without running water. Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes get the grime off easily and feel hydrating at the same time. They’re also gentle enough to use on other…areas…if need be.

yes to blueberries3. Sunscreen. On the aforementioned recent camping trip, our skin got baked in the 20 minutes it took to take the tent down. Throw one (or two) of our nine essential natural sunscreens into your tote, and slather yourself each morning before getting dressed. And don’t forget to reapply: No sunscreen lasts longer than two hours.

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