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Valentine's Day

Partner yoga is so last year. Couples massage? Over.

This year, New York’s fitness and yoga studios are going out of their way to create even more eclectic (okay, bizarre) ways to cultivate love this February 14.

Here are three examples:

1. Eye Gazing Party at Reflections Yoga. Seriously. Reflections is hosting a single-and-mingle night in which the main feature is two full minutes of staring into a stranger’s eyes. In silence.

2. FlySolo with Dylan’s Candy Bar at Flywheel. Yes, the cool-and-current spin studio is partnering with a candy store. Is this the post-spin rush most people are looking for? The FlySolo ride for singles is on Valentine’s Day, and promises holiday decor galore and a “sweets-inspired” playlist. (Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me”?)

3. AntiGravity Yoga for Couples at Om Factory. Partner yoga is awkward enough. But imagine “the fun of balancing two people with one AntiGavity Yoga hammock.” It sounds like a sex pose that seems super tantric but actually results in a sprained neck and zero pleasure. —Lisa Elaine Held

Would you try one of these events? How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?