3 wellness ways to help you stay sane on Election Day

Instead of waiting anxiously for the results to come in, burn off some steam with these free wellness services and fitness classes offered around New York.

Fit for Office

Election Day can be stressful, no matter who you’re voting for. And refreshing Nate Silver’s blog every five minutes won’t help a bit. Seriously.

Instead of gluing your gaze to the news cycle and waiting anxiously for the results to come in, take advantage of these free wellness services and classes being offered around the city.

Then, when the votes are tallied, you’ll be better able to handle whatever the news may be.

1. Free fitness at the 92Y
The 92Y is free and open to the public all day, with multiple workout offerings every hour—from yoga, Pilates, and, spinning to recreational basketball, BOSU Bounce, and Aquacise. www.92y.org/mayelection

2. Free hand massages at the JCC
The JCC’s Martin M. Myerson Center for Health and Wellness is providing free hand massages to anyone who walks in. Because, you know, your hand may be cramped from filling in your ballot? Hey, why not? www.jccmanhattan.org

3. Fit for Office at New York Sports Club
Get your anxiety out at this election-themed class by sculpting Paul Ryan abs and Michelle Obama arms, and by punching boxing gloves covered in Mitt Romney and Barack Obama masks. It’s free and open to the public. www.mysportsclubs.com


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