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4 New York City workouts with Olympic fever

We can't teach you how to win the 400-meter relay, but we did find these fun workouts where you can channel your Olympic fever.
Olympic gymnast parallel bars
It might be a while before you can do this…but there are plenty of other ways to work out like an Olympian.


Want to work out like an Olympian? We can’t teach you how to throw a shot put or win the 400-meter relay, but we did find these four ways to channel Olympic fever at New York gyms and studios. And you won’t have to hop a flight to London to get in the games.

1. Flywheel Olympic Rides
The athletic spin studio will be hosting special Olympic Rides at its New York City and Hamptons locations throughout the London Games. Led by master instructors, the rides will feature “Olympic and USA-themed” playlists curated by fitness DJ extraordinaire Scott Melker (Maybe a We Are the Champions/Born in the USA mash-up?). Free VitaCoco, Mission Enduracool towels, and treats from Dylan’s Candy Bar are included. And you’ll have more reason than ever to focus on the TorqBoard—gold, silver, and bronze prizes will be awarded to top riders. August 2, 9:30 a.m at Flatiron w/Holly, 7:30 p.m. at UES w/Jesse, More dates and times TBA,

2. Olympics Week at the 92nd Street Y
At the 92nd Street Y, July 30 through August 2 is Olympics Week where you can stop in to join a volleyball or basketball game for free. You can also hop in the pool for a “Master Olympian Swim Workout” or compete in a Decathlon, which includes challenges like banana hurdles, jumping rope, cycling, and shadow boxing. Your medal? London Candy Company will be providing post-workout dark chocolate.

3. Uptown Pilates Olympic Day of Classes
On Saturday, July 28, Uptown Pilates is celebrating the kick off of the London games with a day of Olympic-themed classes at its Upper East Side location. Think Pilates-based rhythmic gymnastics and weight lifting and Pilates for runners.

4. Decathlon at Crunch Gym
This class, taught by star fitness instrctuor Vladmir Bermudez at Crunch’s 59th Street location, changes its routine each week based on a different summer Olympic sport. So you can build upper body strength during Aquatics week and work on flexibility when gymnastics is the theme. And there will be medals (well, gift certificates) awarded at the end of the summer to the most impressive competitors.

Spot any other studios offering Olympic Games-inspired workouts or classes? Tell us in the Comments, below.