5 fabulous gifts for guys

The important guy in your life doesn't have to love kale or CrossFit to appreciate these healthy prezzies. But as cool as they are, he soon may.
5 gifts for the healthy dude

Welcome to Well+Good’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guides, where we recommend five (or more) healthy, stylish gifts for everyone on your list (or for you to add to yours!).

Your boyfriend, husband, brother, friend, or, heck, even Dad doesn’t have to love kale or CrossFit to appreciate these healthy prezzies. But as cool as they are, he soon may. Here are five (or six) fabulous gifts for the important guy in your life.


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Aviator Nation Rock and Roll hoodie Aviator Nation “Rock and Roll” Hoodie, $150

One of the greatest hits from the quintessentially cool surf brand based in Venice, California.


 Philip Stein Active Rose Gold Chronograph Watch with Black Silicone Strap, 42mm Philip Stein Active Rose Gold Chronograph Watch, $600

This watch looks very GQ Magazine but acts like a massage therapist. It contains a de-stressing Natural Frequency Technology disc that’s “specially programmed to pick up and channel only those frequencies that are beneficial to our bodies and minds.” The black silicone strap means he can even sweat in it.


Joe's sriracha Jojo’s Sriracha, $12

Like the bottled sriracha he’s addicted to, but without all the sugar and crap in it. Tell him it’s also artisanal and made in Brooklyn. After he’s unwrapped it, of course.


Brogamat, Quiver of Arrows Brogamat Quiver of Arrows Yoga Mat, $79

You’ll notice a Robin Hood thing going on with this extra-long yoga mat (72″) that’s also extra-grippy for extra-sweaty man feet. The idea is that it’ll turn his “muscles in a band of merry men” and look cool popping out of his backpack.


Intelligent Nutrients Five-piece set Intelligent Nutrients Travel Set, $63

Giving him a unisexy set of protective skin-care products for his gym bag or business trips means he won’t steal your travel-size stuff anymore. The mist and serum are especially great for when his face is feeling sensitive, like right after a shave or a spin class.


Hope Gillerman Stress Remedy Hope Gillerman Stress Remedy, $48

An effective blend of high-quality oils that tell the limbic system to chill the heck out. Ideal for his desk, or when getting ready for bed, or before telling you that your gift isn’t shipping until January.


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