5 hottest Yoga Journal Conference classes you need to book now!

Certain classes at the Yoga Journal Conference are harder to get into than ABC Kitchen on a Saturday night. Reserve now for selection AND savings!


We attended the Yoga Journal Conference: New York for the first time last year. Our sit bones are still talking about it and our chakras left happy.

As newbies, we didn’t realize how bustling, busy, and, well, sold-out the conference would be. The classes we most wanted to take were all full.

So here’s a word from the wise: Reserve your mat with marquee teachers now. Their classes are harder to get into than ABC Kitchen on a Saturday night.

If you book now, you’ll get both selection AND savings for the mid-April conference. Use the code NY25 and get $50 off the Main Conference pass. That’s in addition to the already discounted early bird prices until March 2!

Here are the five classes that are sure to fill up unless you pre-register!

Class: Seane Corn’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Establishing a Strong Foundation
Why: A superbly taught beginner’s class can be a revelation for yogis at many levels. We’re psyched to work on alignment, core awareness, and breath with this master teacher as she dissects the fundamentals of standing poses, twists, and inversions.

Class: Shiva Rea’s Chakra Vinyasa: Liberating the Body Mandala
Why: We’ve been jonseing to practice with the dreamy West Coast creator of Prana Flow Yoga. And her two-hour session is all about the interplay between the chakra system and vinyasa as a way to access essential truths. Who doesn’t need that?

Class: Rodney Yee & Colleen Saidman Yee’s Effortless Backbends
Why: We can’t imagine a better duo to guide us through an open-level back-bending sequence—especially since we wouldn’t exactly call our wheel pose “effortless.” We’re also ready expand our heart chakras on the mat. (And off.)

Class: Sadie Nardini’s Mula Bandha Superpower Flow
Why: Mula Bandha’s one of the most fun Sanskrit names to say and one of the hardest to activate. After this sweaty class you’ll know how to build heat, burn calories, and build strength by activating your Mula Bandha in every pose.

Class: Elena Brower’s Alchemy of Mind
Why:  Elena’s classes always make us feel physically, spiritually, and energetically aligned, and this one promises to do that with twists and forward bends galore.

Yoga Journal Conference: New York, April 12-16, Hilton New York, www.YJEvents.com/NY

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