5 new beauty classics done naturally

Elle Magazine has named five newish beauty trends that they think are here to stay. Here's how to get the looks naturally.

Beauty trendsBy Alexandra Spunt for NoMoreDirtyLooks.com

Elle Magazine has named five newish beauty trends that they believe are here to stay, or in their words:

“Looks that hadn’t been invented—or weren’t possible—25 years ago are now part of today’s beauty lexicon.”

I love this idea! But more than that, I love the challenge of finding ways to do these looks without breaking the bank or busting out the chemicals. So, here are my clean-girl takes on these new modern classics.

Beachy Hair: Easy. This is basically the Summer Hair Challenge. The best way to achieve this look is not by crunching your hair with some chemy spray, but by using a natural shampoo and conditioner (or no shampoo at all) and letting your hair air dry. Not always the easiest thing to pull off in the winter, to be sure, but I guess that’s why they call it Beach Hair.

The Stained Lip: Beets, beets, beets. If you want to be an extra clean girl, revisit the book and discover that beets are nature’s answer to Benetint. A little juice from a beet (rubbed right off a sliver) makes a great lip and cheek tint, and you can control the intensity with the amount.

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