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Beauty trendsBy Alexandra Spunt for

Elle Magazine has named five newish beauty trends that they believe are here to stay, or in their words:

“Looks that hadn’t been invented—or weren’t possible—25 years ago are now part of today’s beauty lexicon.”

I love this idea! But more than that, I love the challenge of finding ways to do these looks without breaking the bank or busting out the chemicals. So, here are my clean-girl takes on these new modern classics.

Beachy Hair: Easy. This is basically the Summer Hair Challenge. The best way to achieve this look is not by crunching your hair with some chemy spray, but by using a natural shampoo and conditioner (or no shampoo at all) and letting your hair air dry. Not always the easiest thing to pull off in the winter, to be sure, but I guess that’s why they call it Beach Hair.

The Stained Lip: Beets, beets, beets. If you want to be an extra clean girl, revisit the book and discover that beets are nature’s answer to Benetint. A little juice from a beet (rubbed right off a sliver) makes a great lip and cheek tint, and you can control the intensity with the amount.

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