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Try some or all of these cooling restorative poses to bring you back to balance.

By Heidi McGall for YOGANONYMOUS

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Look, we all know it’s summer and it’s hot.

Pitta power is at it’s highest, making us irritable and angry and manifesting physically as heatrash, acne, heartburn or headaches. Try some or all of these cooling restorative poses to pacify Pitta and bring you back to balance.

Don’t be afraid to use a soft eye pillow and a cooling fragrance like peppermint, eucalyptus, or chamomile on your temples or back of your neck. Make your practice more yin than yang, keeping your gaze soft and at the horizon and lengthening your exhale slightly.

If you’re into color therapy, wear blue clothing and visualize a blue color while centering. Absolutely make way for that ocean wave and babbling brook playlist you’ve been hoarding.

Here are five restorative yoga poses to slow down and cool off…

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