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5 movies to watch on Netflix for endless summer vibes

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Even as the leaves change and the weather turns cooler, you can keep summer going forever if you think of it as a state of mind. Yes, there are unavoidable reminders of the seasonal shift—going back to school or to a regular five-day work week (so long, summer Fridays)—but there is also a special vacuum where time knows no bounds: Netflix.

Not only is it a couch-friendly way to get some vacation inspiration (there’s still time to book that last-minute Labor Day weekend trip), but it can also help you sustain your chilled-out summer vibe deep into the winter.

Read below to see our top 5 endless-summer movie picks available on Netflix.

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1. The Lifeguard

In The Lifeguard, refreshingly honest and insightful Kristin Bell stars as a New York reporter who quits her job to return to what makes her happy: the summer lifeguarding job from her teenage years. This movie is a reminder that you have to go through the not-so-great (fall and winter) to get to the goodness (summer).



2. Moonrise Kingdom

This Wes Anderson movie, with its sepia-toned palette, adolescent love story, and beach locale, is so summery, you can practically feel a warm breeze blowing from your screen.



3. One Day

Two old friends check in throughout several decades on July 15th, and their platonic relationship often feels like a series of missed connections. Sorry, no spoilers here about how this ongoing summer love story ends.



4. The Parent Trap

This classic—and the Lindsay Lohan remake—is a reminder that if you meet someone who shares your face and your birthday, it should (hopefully) take you fewer than 90 minutes to realize they’re your long-lost twin.



5. Y Tu Mamá También

Two teenage boys and a pretty lady make their way across Mexico in this coming-of-age flick. The gorgeous scenery may actually convince you to extend your summer with a trip south of the border.

Netflix has its pros and cons: It might be behind your sleep problems, but your binge-watching sesh could also be good for your relationship.

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