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Alec Baldwin

Yesterday, Alec Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York after arguing with a flight attendant about turning off his iPad before the plane took off. His reason: He was playing Words With Friends. reported that the airline released a statement saying Baldwin slammed the bathroom door and was “extremely rude to the crew, calling them inappropriate names and using offensive language.”

Baldwin railed against the airline on Twitter, and then abruptly deactivated his super-active account last night. (Or his lawyer did.)

Whether or not the flight crew was being unreasonable, it sounds like Baldwin hasn’t been paying attention to the teachings of his yoga-teacher girlfriend, Yoga Vida’s Hilaria Thomas (who, btw, puts up with zero bull in her yoga classes).

Baldwin needs a meltdown-prevention boot camp.

Here are few things we’ve learned in Thomas’s classes that Baldwin would could use some extra tutelage in:

1. Breathing. Some deep Pranayama to help Baldwin to check himself before flying off the handle.

2. Meditation. Look, Words with Friends is a really fun game. But meditation is a grounding, calming skill everyone needs to practice. Especially if they choose to fly American Airlines.

3. Twists. Twisty poses are all about detoxing. A few seated spinal twists will flush that anger right out. And give your airplane neighbor two minutes of amusement.

4. Inversions. There’s nothing more humbling than the insane difficulty of a forearm stand. This will help with outsized ego issues.

5. Savasana. Chill, Alec. Just, chill.