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By Nicole Webb for YOGANONYMOUS

I was able to chat with music enthusiast and amazing yoga instructor Jamie Horgan. When I first took one of Jamie’s classes I really connected with her playlist and each sequence seemed to be perfectly choreographed with the music. I wanted to ask her, what are the benefits of integrating music & yoga and how do you create your magical playlists?

The top 5 ways music can enhance your practice according to Jamie Horgan:

1. Mood: Music has an ability to take me from one emotional state to the next. If I’m having a rough day, and I hear an uplifting song, it most certainly helps to make me feel better.

2. Meditation: Contrary to popular belief, mediation is not about silence. No matter where you are in meditation, there will always be sounds going on around. The stillness we refer to in meditation does not have to be about the physical body. It’s more about the mental body & finding stillness in the mind.

Keep reading for three more ways…

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