5 weird ways the weather changes you

Come fall, you may find yourself talking more, having more sex, and more.


By Mandy Oaklander for Prevention.com




Welcome to pumpkin-carving, leaf-pile-jumping, see-your-breath fall. While the season comes with some obvious differences from summer, fall also brings about some not-so-evident changes. (And no, we’re not talking seasonal affective disorder.) Check out five ways the season’s about to change you.

1. You’ll get chattier. Just as the nights of fall get longer, so do your phone calls, finds a new study in the journal PLOS One. Researchers at the University of Newcastle studied 1.3 million cell phone users in Portugal and found that in uncomfortable weather—like cold and wet—calls lasted longer and contact lists shrunk. During bad weather, you make the most calls to close friends and family instead of your wider network, researchers found.

2. You’ll crave sex. Talk about falling in love. Turns out that autumn is the season of sex, even if the reason’s a little strange. Research shows that once the leaves start to change, our bodies know we’re about to get depressed, so our brains give us an extra boost of dopamine—a “happiness hormone”—that causes romantic thoughts, butterflies in our stomachs, and lots of time between the sheets snuggling.

Keep reading for three other ways the change in season can effect you…

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