5 workouts that may cause an exercise orgasm

New research says that exercise-induced orgasms are real. In case the small study is right, here are 5 New York workouts that just may bring one on.
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You’ve no doubt heard rumors of “coregasms”—or orgasms stemming from exercise.

Or, maybe you’ve glanced at your spin-class buddy recently and thought “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Now, a new study published this week by researchers at Indiana University in the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy claims to confirm that exercise-induced moments of pleasure are a real phenomenon (although all data was self-reported).

The study surveyed 370 women who’d experienced sexual pleasure or reached orgasm during exercise, many of whom had the experience ten or more times. (Seriously? Now, they’re just bragging.)

The vast majority of the women reported that they were not having sexy daydreams at the time (sure they weren’t) and that they couldn’t control the onset.

The workout turn-ons? Ab exercises made the most women squeal, followed by weight lifting (we really don’t get this one), yoga (Kundalini?), and biking/spinning (it is a very dark room…).

With this in mind, here are our five suggestions for New York workouts that may induce a coregasm. If you make a scene, don’t tell them we sent you. And if nothing happens, you’ll be in the same boat as every other woman that was not included in this study, including us.

1. Barry’s Bootcamp: This class combines intense ab work and weight lifting, and the muscle-baring tanks worn by hot instructors like Noah Nieman won’t hurt.

2. SoulCycle or Flywheel: Spinning was high up on the list of activities that activated arousal. We know they didn’t investigate the mechanisms, but…umm…is pelvic friction scientific enough?

3. Body & Pole: Some respondents reported happy moments while pole dancing and rope climbing. Of course, during this workout, you should acquire some skilz to elicit sexy moments later on…

4. Chaise 23: Ab workouts were the most 0ft-cited coregasm inducers, and this new chair-based workout challenges your abs like no other. It also strengthens and opens your hips. Not bad.

5. Ashtanga Yoga: Any yoga will do, but you can do Ashtanga on your own, and privacy is a good thing in this case.

Did you ever get that tingly feeling while working out? Tell us, the Comments, below. (Feel free to use a pseudonym!)

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