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By Jenna Bergen for



Thanks to my hour-each-way commute and a job that requires ample computer time, I’m in a constant battle against gravity. The only thing that’s saved me from having bad posture? My yoga practice. But you don’t have to spend an hour on the mat each day to develop good posture and reap the benefits.

Start incorporating a few of these stretches into your daily routine. They work to open and relax the upper and middle back, as well as the neck, chest and shoulders, all of which will help you counteract shoulder slump and help you stand straighter. If I don’t get to them in the morning, my favorite time, I’ll close my office door and stretch at least once or twice throughout the day.

Not only does it help my posture, it refreshes my mind, boosts my mood, and energizes my day.

Keep reading for five yoga poses for bad posture…

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