How many minutes will you work out this month? SocialWorkout wants to know.

Rather than watching the national debt escalate ticker-tape style, the buff editors at SocialWorkout decided to start tallying something more inspiring. Minutes of running, cycling, chanting, swimming, jumping rope, down-dogging, or having vigorous sex (they take a holistic view of exercise, Wii Fit counts too).

Their latest challenge, called the Million Minute Month, kicks off today. I just logged my first workout–a thirty-minute jog this morning that included pushing my toddler in a jog stroller, which I think qualifies me for double minutes. I’ll have to ask them about “reward” minutes. About 400 others are signed up for the challenge so far and “spirit guides” (the city’s fastest and fittest instructors) will cheerlead, cajole, and encourage from the sidelines of cyberspace. If you feel inspired, take a minute to sign up; it’s easy to log your workouts on the site. If you’ve fallen off the workout wagon, it’ll keep you honest, plus you get the thrill of  adding to the collective endorphins of our amazingly fit city.

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