6 pre-event yoga poses to boost confidence

Events and parties are supposed to be fun, but they often cause undue stress. Try these pre-event yoga poses to get the most out of your big night.
Kristin McGee
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By Kristin McGee for YOGANONYMOUS

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Events & parties are supposed to be fun, so why do they always end up stressing everyone out?

I think people get too focused on themselves and self-conscious. A great pose to get rid of all the nerves and take the emphasis off of yourself and to just totally let go of everything is Lions’ Roar! Stand on your knees, make tight fist with your hands and gather them in towards your belly as you round your spine. Then lift up arch your back stretch your arms out, stick your tongue out, and “ROAR!” as loud as you can. You’ll end up laughing and realize it’s ok to be silly and just go have fun!

How can we as guests bring more Zen to these gatherings? Both for ourselves and the people around us?

We can stay present and be fully available for our guests and ourselves. When we are concentrated on the other person we truly take them in and we get more out of our connections, meetings and experiences; and the other person feels truly appreciated.

To get in the Zen zone anchor yourself in Tadasana (mountain pose) and feel yourself rooted in the present moment. Also take 5 deep full breaths in and out through the nose before entering a party or engaging with someone to remind yourself to stay present.

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