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By Alexandra Spunt for

Oh man, you guys are going to have to tell me if you get sick of hearing about Ayurveda, k? After the week-long retreat I just went on, I have little else on the brain. I learned lots of interesting bits and bobs about this ancient practice of truly preventative healthcare—and ever the evangelist, I probably won’t shut up about it for some time still.

Siobhan and I have both been talking abhyanga lately, the practice of self massage with body-balancing oils. The wonderful Claudia Welch considers it a key prescription for hormone (and life) balance. But we—and some of you—have expressed a bit of a nagging concern over whether we’re doing it right.

Do I just rub-a-dub in warm oil and call it abhyanga? Am I getting the benefits? Probably, yes, just taking the time to (lovingly) massage your body with oil is going to do plenty of good—but there’s more to it than that and I have some practical tips for the whole oil-stains-stuff conundrum too.

Keep reading for tips on how to get started with self-massage…

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