7 pieces of marathon training advice you’ve probably never heard

Whether you're running your first marathon or are a seasoned veteran, training is a huge commitment. Here are some unusual tips for the road to completing a race.

By Hanna Brooks Olson for Blisstree.com

Autumn is the peak of marathon season–which also makes it the peak of marathon-envy. Not only is it a time when elite athletes test their own ability to conquer long miles of pavement, it’s also a time when friends and family of marathoners think “Huh, I could do that.” But before you start an ambitious new marathon training schedule, there are a few things you should probably know.

Because here’s the thing about a marathon: You probably can do it. However, without a little bit of guidance, it might be much more difficult and even dangerous than it needs to be. So, to help out, I called in some professionals.

David A. Levin is a level one coach with USA Triathlon and USA Track & Field. He’s also the co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Marathon Training. Together with marathon runner and writer Paula Petrella, he helped me quell together a few unusual but extremely helpful tips that are great, both for first-time marathoners and dedicated distance runners. Here’s what I learned.

Keep reading for some tips you might not expect…

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