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How to eat well when you can't cook for yourself.


By Cathryn Woodruff for

HuffingtonPostIt’s no surprise that when we leave our parents’ houses and begin to cook for ourselves, we have more control over what we put in our bodies. Not that it’s easy: Mom and Dad are no longer serving up the broccoli, meaning that college students have to begin thinking about nutrition for perhaps the first time. And while some decisions are easy to make–Olive oil in that stir fry pan instead of butter? No problem–others might require a couple of semesters to figure it out.

Even though we’re technically adults, many college students are, at least for a time, at the mercy of the dining hall. An unlimited meal plan makes heading to the D-hall for every meal the most convenient and financially savvy move at most schools. But with so many food options along the rows of hot trays and salad bars, many of which are mysterious and unhealthy, it’s important to know how to navigate the dining hall.

Keep reading for advice from nutrition experts on how to eat healthfully when you can’t cook for yourself…

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