8 questions to ask yourself before you begin a home yoga practice

Before you roll out your mat, ask yourself these simple questions.

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Your home yoga practice should be an ecstatic expression of who you are, in the present moment.

That means that it, like you, can and should change over time. Your yoga practice does not have to look like anyone else’s. Nor should it! It should be uniquely and divinely you. So get creative…but within some structure. A home practice is sustainable because it has a set structure, but also a plethora of components that vary day to day.

The beauty of yoga is that it is different for everyone. We see this first in class—some students will be flowing through a full vinyasa—hopping back into chaturanga and then upward facing dog, while others will be blissed out in child’s pose, sending their hips to their heels and resting their foreheads on the mat. The beauty of yoga is that both options are completely valid. They both count as yoga. When it comes to a home yoga practice, even more variance can occur.

So before you begin, answer some simple questions. This is not a test; this is an assessment, asking you what you need to create a sustainable home practice. Take out a journal—remember that niyama of svadhyaya (self study)—and start writing answers, stream-of-consciousness style, not letting your egos or the “shoulds” of your life get in the way.

Let’s begin. And remember: there are no wrong answers:

1. Why would you like to practice yoga? To build strength? To get more flexible? To remember to breathe? To learn about philosophy?

2. What do you need for a practice to be sustainable?

Keep reading for six more questions…

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