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8 things that irritate the Zen out of yoga instructors

By Hanna Brooks Olsen for  

To me (an anxiety-ridden writer who is perpetually under a deadline of some sort), yoga instructors seem to have a pretty great life. They are somehow both Zen and tough as, in their beautiful Lululemon stretch pants, they casually sink into a Side Crow pose and smile blissfully, willing me to do the same. They seem unshakably calm.

I am envious and have arms like wet noodles. But surely, as in any position where frequently dealing with people is part of the job description, there’s something that irks these beacons of serenity.

Don’t get me wrong: yoga teachers aren’t perfect, and have been known to do plenty of things that practitioners aren’t always super into. But still! They’re just so…so yoga! Can they possibly be subject to irritation like the rest of us?

So I asked around. And sure enough, just like you, yoga instructors get annoyed at work. Of course, in their workplace, it’s us, the yoga practitioners, who are the annoying ones. Sad horns.

Are you guilty of any of these studio no-nos? Keep reading for 8 things that irritate the zen out of your yoga instructors…

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