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90-Second Interval: A sneak peek at Calavera’s new swimsuit line

Each video in our 90-Second Interval series is shot at Well+Good’s cozy headquarters in West Soho—in 90 seconds or less. Totally unedited. One take.

Surfer and Calavera Swimwear designer Anna Jerstrom creates sexy swimsuits that really don’t fall off, no matter how many waves you ride (or beach burpees you do). “We’re coming from the functional, performance side,” she says. “And then it has to look good as well.” Her suits are so hot and functional that the life guards at Laguna Beach now sport them (in red, of course).

While Jerstrom has stuck to two-piece suits so far, she’s branching out this fall. Here, she gives us a 90-second sneak peek at some of her favorite new items.

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