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90-Second Interval: How to strengthen your core anywhere with Brooke Siler

Each video in our new 90-Second Interval series is shot at Well+Good’s cozy headquarters in West Soho. At the loft, we’re constantly interviewing the wellness scene’s movers and shakers; we started asking them to share what’s on their mind—in 90 seconds or less. Totally unedited. One take.

This week’s guest is Pilates guru Brooke Siler, founder of re:AB Pilates and author of the bestselling book The Pilates Body. Fitting in your workouts during the holiday season can be nearly impossible. So, Siler stopped by to explain why Pilates is the perfect modality for on-the-go toning and to share an easy routine you can use to strengthen your core anytime, anywhere—in your parents’ living room, on line at Macy’s, or while waiting to board at JFK.

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