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92Y’s Perfect Fit: Score an unbelievable deal on an annual membership!

Check out 50 FREE fitness classes and clinics at the 92Y's open house on May 15 and 16. And get $400 off the annual membership rate if you decide to join!

92Y Perfect Fit

The 92Y May Center is one of those rare go-at-your-own speed gyms. Whether you’re a fitness newbie, a veteran boot camper, or a triathlete in training, they’ve got a program tailored to your needs.

On May 15 and 16, you’re invited to test-drive their any-speed approach to fitness. Choose from 50 free fitness classes and clinics at two all-day Open Houses. Other perks: food samples from 16 Handles and running gait analysis from JackRabbit Sports!!

We perused the jam-packed event schedule for classes that prove that there’s something for every fitness level and passion point at this Upper East Side athletic institution.

Beginner: Beginner Swim, Intro to Yoga, or Stretch and Tone
Intermediate: Pilates Flow, Move & Groove, Kangoo Craze Demo
Advanced: Tabata, Relentless, Masters Swimming

Try on a workout for size, and score an annual membership for $400 off the regular fee when you pay in full on May 15 or 16. Monthly memberships are also available.

Click here to check out the complete schedule.  To attend the Perfect Fit, please RSVP.