A body wash for your what??

A Billyburg beauty boutique can’t keep this item for your "intimate area" in stock.
Propoline Gentle Cleansing Gel for Women is a best-seller at Miomia in Williamsburg
Best-selling Propoline Gentle Cleansing Gel for Women

It’s not unusual to get an email from a store letting you know a super-popular item is in stock. What was unusual about the one I just got from Katie Chang, the trend-setting owner of beauty boutique MioMia in Williamsburg, was the particular coveted item—a body wash for the private parts.

The email read: “New and improved, the Propoline Intimate Gentle Cleansing Gel for Women (formerly known as “Multi Gyn Cleanser”) is finally back our shelves. We have very limited quantites on hand, so stock up while you can!”

We can’t keep it in store, confirmed Chang in an email.“Sadly, it was out of production since last October, and my ladies (and certain gents) were FREAKING out. Happy to say the new and improved formula is 91% natural and back on shelves.” She expects to sell out of the $26 product again in a week.

Apparently the “gynecologically tested” body wash contains “propolis to prevent pathogenic microorganism growth, helps protect the natural flora of the intimate area and respect the natural pH with lactic acid and natural oligosaccharides, and is enriched with organic lavender essential oil offers a sense of freshness.”

Fine, but do we really need a cleanser for our crotches, I asked Chang. Her lawyer-like reply:
1) We’ve got cleansers for our face, hair, body, feet, you name it. Why shouldn’t we have a cleanser for the most delicate body part?
2) Basically, there is a pH balance that must be maintained; otherwise, you’re more prone to UTIs, yeast infections, irritation, etc.
3) So many women gush about how much of a multi-tasker this is. Not only is it awesome for everyday cleansing and “special occasion” cleansing (after swimming, intercourse, menstruation), it’s also great for underarms, shaving, etc. I have one customer who had to remove it from her shower because her boyfriend kept tucking into her bottle…

Propoline Gentle Cleansing Gel for Women, $26, www.shopmiomia.com

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