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A new iPhone application wants to convert those watching their calories into one of those annoying people snapping pictures of her food at New York City restaurants. Only at every meal.

The new Thin-cam, developed by David Edelson, M.D., a weight-loss expert, says the app introduces the concept of food diaries, a common technique to build healthy eating habits, to the digital dieter.

Not only can you keep track of what you eat with Thin-cam, you can photograph and catalog every bite instantly. Photographs can then be sent to a nutritionist (credentials unknown at this time) for a virtual “Thin-alysis” for an additional $29.95.

Soon an additional feature will also allow you to instantly upload your food photos to Facebook and Twitter. Because all our friends and followers are nutritionists, too?

dinner party
Who's snapping photos at your holiday dinner party?

While taking control of what you consume is a positive thing, logging what you eat does not necessarily lead to a healthy, balanced diet. We’re worried that this app is more useful for obsessive dieting than forming healthy eating habits.

It’s hard to know if this food-tracking app can help or hinder healthy eating, even this time of year. But Thin-Cam says, “It’s perfect for holiday parties, because it’s an inconspicuous way of calorie recording.”

We say holiday parties are better for, well, partying. I mean, how would you react to the electronic click of your guests stealthily logging your homemade pumpkin pie at the table? Let us know in the Comments section, below!