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A glimpse at Gingersnap’s Organic’s new prix-fixe dinner menu

Gingersnap's Organic
Gingersnap's Pasta Puttanesca with zucchini noodles, capers, kalamata, sundried tomato, and brazil nut ricotta


The East Village’s new raw, vegan restaurant expanded its offerings this week with the addition of a brand-new dinner prix-fixe menu.

For $35, Gingersnap’s Organic is offering four courses—choice of an appetizer (Zucchini Almond Hummus or Carrot Soup), a salad (Caesar or Arugula Fennel), an entree (Pizza, Pasta Putanesca, or Cauliflower Almond Burger), and dessert (Banana Pudding or Lemon Cheesecake). That’s better than Restaurant Week.

Since Gingersnap’s Organic has more of a cafe vibe, this new prix-fixe menu, offered on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, will likely help it draw a bigger dinner crowd.

It doesn’t hurt that Gingersnap’s is BYOB—so you can bring your organic wine (or spiked kombucha) with you.