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Brooklyn’s boutique fitness scene has been picking up steam, but while quality boot-camp-style workouts in the borough do exist, they’re still few and far between.

That’s why we’re excited about Beastanetics, a high-intensity 6-week training program that kicks off next week for its second season in Williamsburg’s McCarren Park. (The first season was offered at Google headquarters for employees only, so it must be cool.)

The workout is Punk Rope-creator Tim Haft’s take on the Tabata protocol. Each class has six primary, body-weight-based exercises that are done in four sets. They’re designed to jack your heart rate up to crazy levels. Recovery time is set at 20 seconds to start, and, as the weeks progress, it gets shorter until it reaches just 12 seconds. (Gulp.)

Good news: With shorter recovery times, the duration of the class also gets shorter, leaving more time for the beach—if your exhausted (yet newly toned) legs can carry you.

Beastanetics, $180 for 6 weeks. Classes are limited to 12 participants. Sessions start the week of June 11, McCarren Park track,