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Greene Street Juice Melbourne, cold-pressed green juice
The packaging has serious cool factor, as do the blends. (Photo: Greene Street Juice Co.)

Melbourne now has a little squeeze of Manhattan.

Greene Street Juice Co. is a Australia-based cold-pressed juice company, inspired by New York City and its vibrant juice bar scene. The founders, Natalie and Steve Warner, launched their label at March’s Wanderlust Festival Down Under.

The idea for their raw, superfood-enhanced elixirs came to them when living in New York City for a spell during 2012. It was a transformational time for the duo—and they returned home inspired, set up their juicers, and started to think about the honoring the city and a lifestyle “enhanced by juice.” The result are bottles that harken many Manhattan neighborhoods and the five boroughs.

For now, the couple sells their souped-up juices (many contain medicinal herbal extracts) on their website and delivers them locally. Their first store opens in July, in the high-end neighborhood of Prahran, which is also known for its amazing produce market. Convenient!

New Yorkers might find that many juice and cleanse names feel pretty close to home. Greene Street Classic, made with kale, green apple, celery, and mint, is named after the street in Soho where the Warners lived. BDFM, a juice that’s 100 percent oranges, was coined after New York City’s “orange” subway line. And the Enlightening Liberty, with cayenne, lemon, and green tea extracts, well, do we have to explain? —Molly Gallagher

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