A new documentary asks “What is yoga?”

Suzanne Bryant explores the healing power of yoga in her new documentary "Yoga Is."


By Intent Editors for Intentblog.com

When filmmaker Suzanne Bryant’s 57-year-old mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, she wasn’t sure where to turn. But she did know that the one place she was finding a little peace was on her yoga mat, and that made her wonder…What is yoga? How does it work? How does it create this sense of calm within the chaos, and what makes it so powerful?

Suzanne went on to create an inspirational documentary about the healing power of yoga. She spoke to yoga teachers all around the world — from Los Angeles to New York City to India — about what makes yoga a transformational journey, and the result is a powerful and inspiring story of how yoga offers all of us meaning in our lives when we need it most. Her film is the first documentary on yoga to be picked up by a major motion picture company, Magnolia Pictures, and today is the official release.

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