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A new film makes the sport of hula-hooping look cool. And like an actual sport.

The Hooping Life MovieAs a New Yorker, it’s kinda hard to believe that Californian’s love their hula hoops. We’re not talking the suburban children of the O.C., but Marisa Tomei, Heidi Klum, and other celebrities (with a latent hippy streak?), who have bestowed on the childhood toy from the ’50s  some legitimacy as an ab-flattening fitness activity, if not a sport.

But it turns out they’ve just tapped into what filmmaker Amy Goldstein calls an underground hooping resurgence. Hooping, according to her feature-length documentary called The Hooping Life, which debuts this week at the Sarasota Film Festival, is a form of performance art and a life saver. Watch the surprisingly edgy two-minute trailer here. If hooping was ever to take off in NYC, I suspect, it’ll be for the reasons Goldstein spotlights rather than the celebs.