A new natural hangover helper

John McDonald, the New York City restauranteur and founder of Eboost, launches a new energy-boosting vitamin shot you can feel good about knocking back.

Eboost Super Berry Liquid ShotAfter a few (too many) glasses of bubbly, those brightly colored vitamin C packets sold at deli counters look especially tempting.

But many of the fizzy powders you stir into a glass of water often cause an energy crash hours later—and contain ingredients that are no better for you than a morning-after egg-and-cheese on a roll. (Don’t do it!)

That’s why New York City restaurateur John McDonald, the man behind trendy Lure, MercBar, and Burger and Barrel, developed the new, all-natural Eboost Super Berry Liquid Shot.

“We were unsatisfied with all the products in the market, like Emergen-C, which uses high fructose corn sugar, and we were tired of having to take four or five products to get all the attributes we needed,’’ explains McDonald, whose stamina is also needed for publishing City magazine.

John McDonald
The energized John McDonald

What’s the basis and benefit of his two-ounce bottle? Super-antioxidant-rich berries, like blueberry, pomegranate, acai, and grape-seed resveratrol that support your body’s free-radical-fighting prowess and energy level. A natural kick of caffeine (150 mg) comes from green tea, and B12 vitamins.

The Super Berry Liquid Shot contains plenty of vitamin C—200 mg, about double the recommended daily allowance. (Emergen-C contains 1,000 mg, way too big a load for your body to absorb at one time, say experts, so about 800 mg goes down the toilet.)

The Eboost Shot is also loaded with vitamin D and minerals like selenium and chromium that fall under the electrolyte category, making it a good supplement for hangovers—and probably one of the healthiest things you can buy at the deli.

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