A new way to buy condoms without getting out of bed

Sir Richard's brand-new monthly subscription service—the first of its kind—promises to make condom buying decidedly less awkward.

Sir Richard's condoms

No matter how empowered you are, buying condoms from a smirking 14-year-old Duane Reade clerk is no fun. And realizing the box in the nightstand drawer is empty after a dinner full of suggestive glances can be seriously frustrating.

Sir Richard’s brand-new monthly subscription service—the first of its kind—promises to banish both of those issues.

The trendy condom company (the condoms are vegan, the wrappers are plaid, and they’re sold at Whole Foods) helps you estimate how many boxes you’ll need based on how lucky you’ve been getting lately, and then delivers them to your doorstep each month.

If your…demand…changes at all, you can log in to your account and increase or decrease the supply needed. And don’t worry—packaging is purposely elusive in case your landlady is a snoop.

Plus, for every condom you buy, Sir Richard’s donates one to a developing country. (Yesterday, the company announced it had donated 500,000 condoms to Haiti.)

These may be reasons enough to combine your Valentine’s Day celebrations with a toast to National Condom Week. We’re pretty sure the timing is purposely convenient. —Lisa Elaine Held

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