A non-toxic nail polish remover that really works

Nail polish remover is super-harsh on your nails and the fumes are too toxic to describe. But we found a natural option that actually works.

By Siobhan O’Connor for

I’ve been on a big manicure kick lately and now I have a question:

Can someone please explain to me why, for the love of God, a basic manicure requires about four scrubs with a super-harsh nail polish remover? Question not rhetorical.

Seriously, this stuff is terrible for your nails and is super toxic in a not-really-up-for-debate kind of way.

Other aspects of the salon experience are far from natural as well—including that three-free polish—but I suck it up for the most part because manicures are fun, they make me feel put together, and I can’t be bothered at this moment in time to perfect my shakey left-hand-on-right application technique.

So I bring my own polish, or I cave and use OPI, I don’t let anyone cut my cuticles, and I make sure to take off my polish before I got to the salon.

With what, you ask?

Keep reading to find out… 

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