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Sumbody Beauty Bars are not exactly your standard post-workout snack. Though they could help keep your glow going, and going.
“What you put on skin is not enough,” says Sumbody Beauty Bar founder, Deborah Burnes.

Nutrition bars can do a lot. They can get you some quick fuel on a mad dash to a morning meeting or provide sustenance between, say, your spin class and the dinner table. But can a nutrition bar stand in for your moisturizer? Deborah Burnes, a skin-care guru who just launched a line of Beauty Bars, raises the question.

“Looking great is not only about what you put on your skin. Your appearance is also effected by what you put in your body,” says Burnes, the founder of California natural beauty brand Sumbody, who has a background in nutrition and wrote Look Great, Live Green.

To that end, she created Beauty Bars (in a wind-powdered facility) in three flavors—all of which contain essential nutrients that affect your skin’s appearance.  “Women need to make sure they are getting enough essential fatty acids, B vitamins, and omegas,” she explains.

To provide them, she uses yummy ingredients that do right by your skin and your taste buds. Like dates for their fiber (what’s good for the gut is good for the skin), sprouted chia and flax seeds for their amazing omegas that are key to hydrated skin, and coconut butter for its healthy skin-friendly fats. And they’re flavorful and chewy (with bits of zingy orange peel).

To be clear, Burnes is not suggesting any nutrition bar is a beauty-booster. In fact, most can have the opposite effect. “Processed food, no matter how wonderful the ingredients look, are just that, processed,” Burnes says. So her bars are crazy clean—vegan, raw, non-GMO, gluten and soy free, organic, with no added sugars or processed proteins. They cost about $3.25.

It’s also pretty rare to hear the founder of a skin-care company say that her products alone can’t fix what ails your skin. “I know that what you put on skin is not enough. So I formulated these bars to help achieve my clients’ skin goals. Diet plays a big role in how we look, age, and feel. Feeding your skin (it is our largest organ!) from the inside out helps complete a healthy skin-care routine.” Don’t mind if we do. Please don’t mind the crumbs. —Melisse Gelula

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