A pop-up park offers greenery in winter and boutique fitness classes

In January, an event space in Nolita becomes an indoor park (with trees!) and classes provided by YogaWorks and Real Pilates.

As temperatures dive-bomb in January, hampering thoughts of outdoor running and biking, a pop-up park grows in downtown Manhattan.

The Openhouse Gallery, a 4,000-square-foot Nolita event space, is being transformed into an indoor park from January 7–30 called Park Here. With forest murals, lawns, and even trees, it promises to be the season’s “ultimate venue for escape and relaxation.” Or lunch on a park bench in the dead of winter.

Taking a look at the park calendar for the month, it looks poised to deliver on the promise.

Plans are to offer hour-long lunch-break yoga classes with instructors from YogaWorks Monday through Thursday (noon–1:00). And Real Pilates founder Alycea Ungaro is teaching on the mornings of January 10 and 17 at 9:00. Hardly a typical winter walk in the park.

201 Mulberry St., between Kenmare and Spring Sts.; 212-334-0288, www.openhousegallery.org. Jan 7–30. Tickets for fitness classes will be sold through www.LifeBooker.com

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