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Racerbacks... in Paris and Milan (Photo: Sartorialist)

It looks like Lululemon isn’t the only fashion brand to realize how racerback tanks flatter the back and shoulderblades of spinners and yogis. So do fashion designers.

But when couture takes a lead from gym fashion, people get up in arms, as evidenced by The Sartorialist, who last week captured three women rocking racerbacks with skirts and heels.

While the photos are gorgeous, the Comments about the photos are what’s most intriguing—they refer largely to obvious issue of what to do about a bra when your tank’s armholes seem more suited to a Gold’s Gym weightlifter than the office-bound.

Read on…. the see the Comments. And let us know, would you wear a racerback-style tank with your pencil skirt…and maybe a jacket? —Melisse Gelula