A stand-out natural makeup brand you should try

Alima's blushes, foundations, and brushes are must-try items for natural beauty buffs.
Alima foundation
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By Rebecca Bailey for NoMoreDirtyLooks.com

Oh Alima, how do I love thee? Let me count the divine shades of blush in my makeup kit.

Samples (for $1.50 each), advice on choosing colors, and application tips make this very clean brand easy to try. I can pretty much guarantee you will find something you love. Alima makes several types of products, but three are truly stand-outs and will forever be on my favorites list.

Satin Matte Foundation: This is truly a fantastic foundation! There are so many colors, really the best selection for the widest variety of skin tones I’ve seen from any brand. I’m Olive 1, and I was never able to get a true match elsewhere. I have dryer, “mature” skin, and as with any mineral foundation you have to moisturize appropriately first. I use a hydrosol and an oil or balm before application. This product also functions as my concealer. It’s great under eyes, on lids, and on blemishes.

I typically use a brush to apply, but if I have a particularly egregious spot I use a pinky fingertip to dot on and pat in, then a brush to smooth it out. My everyday application is straight foundation only on the areas that need covering, then DIY finishing powder all over to even things out. My finishing powder is equal parts foundation, kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, and rice powder. When first applied, the minerals sit on top of your skin, and then sort of magically become part of your skin over the next several minutes. And then you have an even skin tone with a natural glow. And the answer to the critical question you have at this point —yes, it lasts all day, absolutely.

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