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A tale of two (new) bike shops

New York bike shops
Bicycle Roots and Shinola


New York’s bike culture may seem like a unvarying hipster mash-up of of handlebars and handlebar mustaches, but two new bike shops that opened this summer suggest otherwise.

Crown Heights’ Bicycle Roots opened in June and Tribeca’s Shinola debuted in July, and the two represent opposite ends of the cycling culture spectrum.

Bicycle Roots, founded by community-minded New Yorkers Nechama Levy and Joe Lawler, is a friendly, no-frills shop that the pair hopes will serve both new and longtime residents of the diverse neighborhood it calls home. They raised money on Lucky Ant to fund the project.

Shinola, on the other hand, is a luxe, high-end boutique with glass cases and sparsely stocked merchandise, which includes $3,000 bikes and $700 watches. Prior to opening, the company (which hails from Detroit) made its New York debut with a short display at Barneys on Fifth Avenue.

New shops catering to all manner of city cyclists may suggest that people of more diverse backgrounds and income levels are taking up bike commuting. Cue Mayor Bloomberg patting himself on the back. —Lisa Elaine Held