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A yoga beach party hits Long Beach this weekend

This Sunday, yogis will do handstands in the sand at the Bonifate Beach Party, a mini yoga and music festival taking place at Long Beach's Allegria Hotel.

beach yoga

This Sunday, yogis will attempt handstands in the sand at the Bonifate Beach Party, a day-long “yoga and music festival” taking place at Long Beach’s Allegria Hotel. (It’s just an hour East of the city on the LIRR!)

The beach party will feature kombucha and coconut water in place of Corona and margaritas. You’ll book Thai massage sessions instead of poolside cabanas. And for music, well, it just looks to be kirtan. Maybe Moby will show up next year!

Headlining the yoga side of event is Raghunath Cappo, with his popular inversion-focused Flight School class. It will followed by a vinyasa class co-taught by three New York teachers, a yoga talk, and a farm-to-table organic dinner prepared by a Hamptons chef. Kirtan will wrap it all up at the end.

Of course, the festival includes unlimited beach and pool access—so there may be a few yogis playing hooky during class.

Bonifate Beach Party, Sunday, July 29, $136,