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Abe's Market

Yesterday Abe’s Market  launched its “Discover Natural” sampling service. If you’ve never heard of it, Abe’s Market is like an all-natural Amazon-meets-Etsy with a curatorial bent. They vet and sell natural products in every category from food to pet care and baby products to beauty.

They excel at finding tiny, indie purveyors, like Tree Hugger Granola and Blissoma, that are still several years away from Whole Foods distribution. (This is the Etsy component).

Now you can sample the goods before taking a chance on a full-sized product. The Discover Natural program lets you select three products and then delivers multi-use samples to your doorstep for just $2.

Bored of wasabi peas? Try a bag of Sichuan Chili Peas before committing to a total crossover. Looking for an all-natural skin serum? Try out Blissoma’s Smooth A+ Moisture Serum.

With new natural foods and beauty products popping up every day, this is a great way to see what works for you before buying things that will gather dust in your pantry or medicine cabinet.