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Action Plan: Free yoga in Harlem, a massive vegan expo, and more

Land YogaOpen up your calendar: With Action Plan, our editors cut through the crazy, huge assortment of goings-on in New York City to pick four amazing, healthy ways to spend your week, Monday, June 15–Sunday, June 21.

Land Yoga in Harlem celebrates its fourth anniversary with free yoga and wellness workshops all day long.

Satya Jewelry shows off its new Brookfield Place store with a book signing with yoga teacher and spiritual jewelry enthusiast Christine Chen, author of Happy Go Yoga.

Nitika Chopra spreads self-love with a summer beauty and wellness event featuring experts like Candice Kumai, mini spa treatments, and more.

Plant-based lifestyle festival The Seed Experience returns with two days of vegan local food stands, stellar speakers, and eco-friendly artisans.

Every Sunday our editors share where to go and what to do that’s special and healthy in the New York City Edition of Well+Good. Are you signed up?

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